Filter Project Activity by Date – Customer Appreciation Summer Week 3

This week’s release in our Customer Appreciation Summer I’m personally excited about, as it makes the Project Activity page a lot more useful – you can now filter by date range! As part of that, we have also changed how the activity page works so that it no longer requires you to navigate day-by-day.

Filtering activity to a date range

Previously the project activity page could only show one day’s activity at a time. This approach made it tedious to use the activity page to answer common questions like “When did this user last make changes?” and even “What’s happened recently?”.

Now Project Activity works more like a newsfeed, showing you the most recent activity regardless of when that activity occurred. You can page through activity to see older actions. Using the new Date filter, you can filter activity to specific time periods. Combine date filtering with the other filters to answer detailed questions such as “What issue comments did this user create last month?”.

We hope you like it. See you next week!

Phone Numbers – Customer Appreciation Summer Week 2

This week’s release for Customer Appreciation Summer is a simple but useful improvement: we’ve added a phone number field throughout the application. Technically this field was always there (you could set it on your profile page) but we didn’t show it in many places.

The “Phone Number” field is now available when adding users

The phone number field is now available where you would expect:

  • When adding a new user to a project or account
  • When viewing a user in a project or account
  • When editing a user in a project or account
  • When exporting account or project users
  • When adding a person to a Meeting distribution list
  • When viewing a Meeting distribution list
  • When exporting or PDF’ing a Meeting distribution list

As a bonus, we also updated the date for Meetings to include the year. A tiny feature but highly requested!

The year: small but important

See you next week!

A New Feature Every Week – Customer Appreciation Summer

The 3rd Annual Customer Appreciation Summer starts this week! Just like in past years, we’ll be releasing new features all summer long. In fact, we will be releasing one new feature every week for twelve weeks. That’s twelve new features in three months. Perhaps more importantly, these features have been sourced entirely from customer requests and include some of our most requested features.

Many of these features are the relatively small improvements that make the day-to-day experience of using the software more pleasant. Don’t worry, though – there’s a few bigger ones in there, too. Here’s just a few of the features that will be coming:

  • Deleting projects
  • Attaching files to progress reports
  • Showing users’ role and company next to their comments.

The First Weekly Feature – Editing Names and Titles

We are kicking off with one of the more highly requested features, available today – the ability to edit a user’s name after you have invited them. Now any time prior to the user accepting your invite you’ll be able to edit their name to correct any misspellings or other issues you discover. While we were doing this we also added an optional “Title” field to a user’s profile which will be shown if set.

More To Come

When a customer makes the decision to use CxAlloy TQ they are not only investing in the CxAlloy TQ of today but also what it will be in the future. We hope we are living up to that investment and are grateful for your trust and confidence in us. See you next week!